DIY Bath Smiling

What is it?

Just walk in and wash your own dog. We provide state-of-the-art stainless steel bathtubs, shampoo mixing units for shampoos, forced-air dryers, towels and brushes. And don’t worry, our friendly staff will get you and your dog set up, help you along the way and clean up after you!

When can you come?

Anytime we are open as long as you start your bath at least 1/2 hour before closing. On weekdays you can even take advantage of our self-service trim service for those of you who’d like to tidy your pup yourself.

How much does it cost?

Our prices range from a $16 for a basic wash with towel dry to $24 for “the works”. For the minimalist, there is even a $8 paw rinse. Nail trimming is also available for your best friend’s paws.

What else can you expect?

Our shops carry a comprehensive range of holistic foods, natural treats, awesome toys and other doggie wares. Before you leave, browse through our excellent selection of dog food, toys, treats and other doggie wares. You will be sure to find something for your best friend.